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labor supply will there are no unions people have to deal with. unions here in the united states are still worried that they are going to lose go all the pension benefits they negotiated before but jobs are going over there because employers don't have to deal with what they have over here. >> gregg: how do we combat that. that is the real issue. tim cook is the new ceo of apple is shifting some chinese jobs of apple back to the united states, but he is doing it out of patriotism? >> i don't think he you would have seen that with steve jobs. >> gregg: he told president obama in the last meeting, those chinese jobs, they aren't coming back. >> he did it the way to be a good businessman. >> gregg: with rising trade influence, china will also have increasing political influence, as well? >> absolutely. >> gregg: brenda, good to see you. catch her on "bulls and bears" every saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern. >> heather: this month, marks a special anniversary, the last time a man walked on the moon, 40 years ago. u.s. astronaut had that honor and neil cavuto angered a special on
states. >> businesses don't want to move to places where unions are. in those southeast states, union membership tends to be half what it is on the national achblg which is only 12% right now. even though we see that unemployment is lower in right to work states, but wages are lower, as well. that is kind the tradeoff but businesses want to go there. we are seeing companies from china coming in into the u.s.. >> gregg: i bmw, hyundai, honda and you got american companies, g.e., boeing, apple, michelin, they like that southeastern region because that is where the unions aren't. final quick question, if congress fails to strike a deal it will get a whole lot worse? >> the cbo which is supposed to be non-partisan we're going into a double-dip recession. a lost taxes. you look at your paycheck, the first one in january you are going to see a lot less money. >> gregg: it's not just the expiration of bush tax cuts, but payroll tax goes back up. >> then there be will be fewer services. there will be a lot out there. merry christmas. [ laughter ] >> gregg: okay, we're trying to be positive. s
union, an arm of the un, has opened an 11-day conference which could act as a way it accesses the internet. >>- q. it could access every cell phone tablet and personal computer in the world. >> along with a webcam pain urging users to stand up for freedom, he is described as one of the fathers of the inner at the time -- of the internet and warn eds that it is on the agenda. such is the great of tee of the issue that the american delegation is bringing together firms that normally compete with one another. >> the u.s. official position has been no expansion of the jurisdiction and to the internet space, period. >> pictures released by the u.n show the opening day event in due by. delegates will update a treaty that applies to how phone calls are exchanged internationally. critics say it would be a mistake to apply the old standards to the age. . >> the internet is privately managed and it is crazy to bring back old school telephone regulations and apply it to the vibrant network. >> in a statement posted to the u.n website even before the conference began, the secretary genera
. how do they get to what you do with the unions? you sit down with the union guys. >> and we solve the problem. 99% of the time we solve the problem. one of the problems is norquist. you can't make a contract with congress to do it your way. i think norquist has to go away. >> well what should be done? what type of plan would you like to see? how do we stop the spending and at the same time get everything out of control to right the ship? >> i think the americans should be outraged. they should call their congressmen and write to them and say how can you take off when we are ready to fall off the cliff? i think we are going to fall of on the cliff. i think -- >> what does it mean if we fall off the cliff? >> i think the stock market could have an adverse reaction which could create a barnyard opportunity for some people who have the courage. but courage is hard to acquire sometimes. >> and bo the tom line -- and bottom line, if they don't have an agreement will it be solved? >> i think common sense will prevail in january. they are trying to make each other look bad. they have to g
has problems with his base. he has the unions saying we don'don't want you cutting entitlement or social programs. he wants republicans to own it. they will take responsibility for it. is there a possibility of a deal? sure. implications, people have to remember, this isn't some washington game here. the average american will have a $2,500 to $3,000 tax increase. this is serious business at the beginning of the year. >> shannon: we debate that with the panel and power player i think will be thought-provoking for a lot of folks. they won't want to miss it. >> thank you. >> shannon: thank you, chris. you can watch the entire interview with treasury secretary geithner it go and the exclusive interview with the speaker of the house john boehner right here on fox news channel. that airs after america news headquarters. >>> well, one senator described what is playing out on capitol hill as real drama. senator richard shelby said the world markets are watching and america may be on the verge of a disaster bigger than greece. senator shelby republican from alabama joins us live. thank
is voted to protect marriage as the union of a man and a woman are somehow motivate bidanimmous approximate are discriminating. so our organization's very happy that they took the pericase. proponents of same-sex marriage argued against the supreme court granting the case. i think it's time to correct the wrongs, especially in the ninth district, which is the most overturned court in the country. so we think that the supreme court is going to overturn the lower court decisions and is not going to create out of thin air, a u.s. constitutional right to defend marriage. >> along with the debate over se of marriage act, which they are no longer defending in the legal fight fist court. that will be on the plate na separate case. where do you think we go with this? >> i think that both cases really implicate core constitutional values of equal protection and freedom and the fundammal right to marry. i think that i am surprised that brian seems to be suggesting that some of the most important constitutional rights can be put up on a vote. that's not how the constitution works. here, we have the eq
, the president and speaker boehner can cut a deal before the inauguration and before the stated union that makes most of the tax cuts, retroactive. remember when the bush tax cuts expire everything goes up and the republicans, after january 1 can say we are not supporting tax increases, we are supporting tax cuts, for everybody, but the top couple of percent and that is a pretty good hand for the president to be playing. >> rick: what about that, after january 1st? everybody gets to vote for a tax cut, obama tax cuts but they are tax cuts. >> here's the deal. it was president obama, he has to realize he won the election but the house of representatives, the republicans won the house of representatives. and he has to go back and turn the negotiations and, one thing, the republicans will not allow for a tax increase and are like that defensive line, the go line and, basically president obama cannot get in, and there is -- what we know is the republicans have agreed to increasing tax revenue but we need to have the spending cuts. if we don't get them under control, what will happen is, we are seein
the unions for their vote for the obama administration. not only are they getting bonuses between $5,000 and $7,000 at the end of the year after being bailed out buss they have no increase in their healthcare cost coverages and their per hourly rated which is approximately $58 per hour is going to stay in tact. this in my opinion is a big sweetheart deal directed by the united states government. >> so the bonus are not performance based or based on seniority. how are they determining these bonuses. >> these are sign on bonuses. i don't understand the issue of sign-on bonus when you join a company. you join the company and the network away from another company. these are existing workers getting end of year bonuses that are not based on incentives. we just bailed out this company general motors not too long ago. to hand out bonuses it's very peculiar to me. again the government does own 26% of general motors. i think it's a government directed bonus pool that is a lot of pay back for the unions who voted in administration in this office. >> heather: so on wednesday, gm did receive a c
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unions. the american federation of teachers saying, quote, schools must be safe sanctuaries. not armed fortresses. heather, the debate will continue into the new year. >> heather: it certainly will. claudia, thank you. >> kelly: plane crash in russia today leaves four people dead. coming up, did officials fail to enact proper safety measures following a similar incident just days earlier? >> heather: plus, president obama's fiscal back up plan. should the president really be calling for a more scaled down agreement on the fiscal cliff without waiting to see what lawmakers come up with? we'll have a fair and balanced debate coming up. >> kelly: and countdown to new year's eve. we will have a live look at what goes into putting together one of the world's biggest celebrations. here is anna coy man with a preview. >> officials tested the confetti earlier this morning that will fall from the sky at midnight on monday night. i'll preview the big party here in the big apple and also talk with the late dick clark's wife after this break [ laughter ] smoke? nah, i'm good. ♪ [ male announcer
to officials and european union, in the u.s., as well as look at some of the facilities and i found this is after afterthought. that's why i started greenadvise. >> arthel: which is a great idea. what is it that you do to get rid of the dangerous elements of these products that would possibly endanger those children in those countries you're talking about? what do you do? >> one of the major things about greencitizen is that we provide education to the consumer and business because most people don't understand 80% of electronics are dumped. what we do is make it convenient to recycle with us and then we track all the items down to the brand name serial i.d. of the device and then we make sure that the electronic items that -- from the manufacturer are taken apart within 150 miles of our hub in san francisco area. and that's how we can control the whole dumping crisis. when you leave the equipment, leave the recycling item, shipped for long distance, it's very difficult to track to see if they're being handled properly. >> arthel: on average, how much money can someone get back on li
later. surrounded by a major state highway and union pacific rail linend a and a major industrial park already in place. the regulators aren't sure that is the place for a medical facility despite the fact that local authorities gave their approval. they are saying maybe this isn't the best location but if you are insist ising on building it here we need to make sure that you have no habitat here, none of the vernal pools or puddles and ponds and the like and the fish and wildlife service will issue what is called a biological opinion saying there is no threat to the habitat here and then the army corps will issue the permit that says you are allowed to proceed with your activities. fish and wildlife issues the opinion and the army corps says well, wait a second we are not sure you are ready for a permit. we have to bring in another team and make sure we don't have the presence of native american relics on the property. something they could have done 7 years ago when the permit was first requested. it is this kind of harassment of private property owners and american citizens that enge
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)